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I know where to get Halo 3 Halloween costumes (or, as some folks put it, Halo 3 Halloween custOms or even halo the game castums :).
First, you can try to get Halo 3 costume here or here.

Is it that tough to find? Halloween costumes Halo 3 aint that hard to get - all you need is a little time on hands, and you'll get yourself a neat Master Chief costume for Halloween all gals and guys will adore.

Do you think it took this guy much time to make his Master Chief costume? Haven't you heard this pretty cool story? Looks like a kid dressed up as Master Chief at the Halo 3 release not only got paid $60 to come to a local video game store, but once people learned he didn't have a 360, some random guy bought him one! Personally I'm not sure that this caliber of costume warrants that kind of a prize, looks like he made it out of his original xbox's box - but nevertheless - it's a free master chief costume.

And with Halloween and the Halo 3 launch quickly approaching, GameDaily editor Chris Buffa decided to get a head start on this year's costume du jour -- Halo 3 Master Chief Halloween costume. A quick search on eBay revealed that he would be paying upwards of $8,000 to buy this one, so he decided to make one using supplies readily available at Target or any kindergarten classroom. And to my mind, he's done a decent job.

How did he do that? Simple:
1) He made a sketch.
2) He transferred the notebook sketch onto the real thing -- using pencil in case of mistakes. Then, I retraced the image using a black marker.
3) Then her colored the costume
4) Aftetr that made his rendition of Master Chief's Assault Rifle.
5) Master Chief carries two weapons, so he opted to make the Covenant Energy Sword - he called it Energy Sword "Lite".
6) Next - time for making of Master Chief's awesome crotch gear.
7) The armor, yes - he wrapped tinfoil around himelf and then put the green cellophane on top of that (optionally, you can opt for green stretchy pants and a sweatshirt)
That's it - you're all set up to blow gals minds out (or their brains off).

Not enough? Still wondering where can you get a Halo 3 armor Halloween costume that you can afford? How about Papercut Master Chief Costume?
Author sez what this bugger took him about a month to design, arrange, and build (with instructions). It was DEFINITELY worth it, wasn't it?!

The final model comes out to be 13" (33 cm) tall, has roughly 2100 faces (+ ~800 for the gun), and is made up of 42 pieces (+ 10 for the gun). To build yourself one of these (hope I'm not sounding too full of myself,) kick-ass models, you'll need instructions - download and give it a shot, and don't forget to post your thoughts! Questions and comments, worries and wonders, flamers and praisers alike! Go make your own Halo 3 holloween costumes :)

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