Halo 3 video: Red vs Blue (Easter Egg)

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Here comes a funny Halo 3 video mastered by NextGenWalkthroughs - they present Halo 3 Easter Egg (of course it's a limited edition one :)

Hint - playing on different difficulties will play different dialogues.

Here is a quick explanation on how to view this easter egg:
Easy+Normal is Tucker and Doc
Heroic is Simmons and Grif
Legendary is Church and Caboose
this is not from a episode, RossterTeeth recorded their voices for this, and to view this easter egg you have to: Play the level Crow's Nest, after you pick up your weapons, go down the hall, watch a warthog get blown up, small battle, do not turn left into the other corridor. Keep going straight until it forces you to turn, this is right at that door.

There will be Halo 3 contest (with cash prize!) announced shortly fro those who watched the video - check back in a couple of days.