Halo 3 tutorial: how to make Elephant fly

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Spotted this mindblowing tut at AVSfoum today.
Author wrote:

I got an Elephant to fly last night. I uploaded it to Bungie's site; just gotta figure out how to post it here.
Here's a couple pics I got last night:

Finally found all the skulls:

Trying to make an Elephant fly:

Then I finally got it to work

Wow. Another great example of the beauty of forge. The crap some people figure out is amazing.
Whats funny is one time it didnt work right, but it managed to just flip the Elephant over. I walked up to it and it says "Press RB to flip...wait, what? How did you do that?" or something funny like that.

And here's another approach - watch this Halo 3 Flying Elephant Tutorial to learn another method to make elephant fly:

All of this made me put together a little FAQ
Halo 3: How to make the elephant fly

* with explosion
1) An absolutely the best way to get it exploding is to put a gravity lift in there under all the fusion coils and stuff set to a run time minimum of however many grav lifts you have It throws them up and they explode when they come crashing down!

2) Keep shooting elehant until it turns to it's side. Then, they will keep exploding. If this still doesn't work, well, do it again.

You got more secret knowledge to share on this regard? Drop me a line.

* without explosion

u can also use the ammo pods and stick them into the divers seat

dude, u can do that way easier if you take a warthog or chopper and put it in the area where you drive it, then fly forward and it does the same thing.

Lol, anyone found the equivalent of a BXR yet?
stop saying found by: when i assure you people have found things like this before the game lunch -__-

i dont think there going to fix that cus its not like u can use that in matchmaking and forge is juist suppose to fun like that

i think the would fix it.. cuz thats a huge vehicle that can kill everyone lol..

Its not a glitch, just something.

They wouldn't fix that.

Great now Bungies gonna fix that!

how did u record that? capture card

nice tutorial. never found that out lol
great job on your TUT! and to do flip you have 2 Elephants ram eachother head on, should flip. :-)