Halo 3 video of awesome grenade stick released

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All I can say is wow - it sure kicks Harry Potter ass! And if you're into meditation, this hot video is not suitable for ya ;) but seriously...

Author of this mindblowing (*grin*) Halo 3 video, BlackShadowMist, says:
I managed to pull off one of the luckiest sticks in Halo 3 history. Yep - total insanity, I tell you. Come think of ot: A Cross-Map, off wall, air lift, sticky. With 99.999% of luck involved. Cannot reattempt and succeed.

And he adds in the comments:
I wouldnt be able to bare with that kinda death! I actually hit 2 more sticks similar to that one on the pit, but this time I did it on Construct. I throw a power drainer up the air lift, then a stick, then at the top the power drainer explodes, and SOME HOW launches the stick onto the guys a** and sticks him.lol it was ridiculous. Lets just say Im extremely lucky.....