(Video) halo 3 A1's mph wi-fi montage 2

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wow, he basically mastered _EVERY_ weapon, I wanna see a btl where you loose! lol
This was a great video. Nice overall presentation - wi-fi adaptor seems functioning ok...
amazing quality, sweet kills, and awesome music. 5/5 Rating and favorited.

[Halo 3 video] How to unlock costumes

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Author of this short Halo 3 video tutorial shows all armor types and how to unlock armor.
E.g. how to unlock the E.V.A.?

Step 1: Head - You must complete the campaign mode on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Step 2: EVA Shoulders - You must complete the 'The Ark' level on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Step 3: EVA Body - You must complete the 'Tsavo Highway' level on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

And so on on every single armor type.

Kudos to the guy for completing this tutorial.

Call of Duty 4 vs Halo 3

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It looks like Call of Duty 4 is the most popular multiplayer game on Xbox Live now - and most likely PS3 too.

Pretty much everyone on my 360 friends list plays it regularly. Personally I prefer Rainbow 6's more tactical co-op approach - Terrorist Hunt is fantastic fun - but there's little doubt that COD4 deserves its success. The game mixes visceral and hugely enjoyable combat with the addictive persistent character stuff - the more you play the better gear you get. Halo 3 may have all the UGC tricks - upload videos etc - but Call of Duty 4 plays the better game.

The first new multiplayer maps are set for release in early April and a play last week suggested that fans won't be disappointed. Newcomers may be though. Infinity Ward, the developers of the game, have argued that COD4 is a lot of players, "first time playing a multiplayer game on console or PC". But more casual - or older - gamers are unlikely to persevere past the initial experience of being killed quickly and often. Maybe Battlefield Heroes, EA's web based and free play shooter may tap into a more casual audience? But for now at least Call of Duty 4 is the one to beat.

Opinions seem to differ though, here are few:
I can honestly say that Halo has not been touched since I got COD4...and by looking at my friends list i think it's a similar story for them...it simply is just more fun.

Yes loving COD4 - Actually relatively new to the online side due to disconnection issues with my TalkTalk broadband (now back on BT) but have been playing about a week and am somewhat addicted - I must say though that the R6 sounds very interesting as I am annoyed by the lack of a co-op or dual multiplayer at the same console so may have to investigate Rainbow 6. Can you play Co-Op on-line (or 2 players at teh same console online I should say).

Co-Op offline sounds great though...

Nope...it's really good but i don't really like deathmatch games

so for now R6 is still tops with terrorist hunt

i think had Halo had some kind of 'brute hunt' and lots of levelling up required it'd prob have done well, but it just has PVP and Forge, which although it provides Bungie with some 'krazy videos' turned out to be the worst map editor of all time, if it was like the one on FarCry instincts it could have been amazing, or the Crysis map editor...

I think now the dust has settled, Halo3 is taking it's rightful place amongst the 'meh'....brilliant combat, but Halo1 had that, since then it's been a little erm 'underwhelming' - hardly play it anymore, still play Vegas 1 and Orange Box though...a shame really, but proof that you can't give a studio bags of cash and expect them to turn into Valve over 5 years..

Considering the marketing push and 'biggest game release of all tiiime' stuff, it's been userped surprisingly quickly tbh...

yes and no; basically i don't play it anywhere near enough to have properly learnt the levels and am still only at somewhere just shy of level 20, so still find my kill to death ratio to be really rather poor

the most annoying thing i find is the abuse you get from people who have gone prestige (usually more than once) and this has certainly put me off playing it more than i otherwise would

in a way i hope the new map pack will be used in the same broken way as in halo 3, but that unlike with that, these prestige types will choose to play them freeing up the rest of the game for those with less time to dedicate to gaming

Yes loving COD4 - Actually relatively new to the online side due to disconnection issues with my TalkTalk broadband (now back on BT) but have been playing about a week and am somewhat addicted - I must say though that the R6 sounds very interesting as I am annoyed by the lack of a co-op or dual multiplayer at the same console so may have to investigate Rainbow 6. Can you play Co-Op on-line (or 2 players at teh same console online I should say).

Co-Op offline sounds great though..


CoD4 is epic.

i've gone through prestige mode 9 times now just to get the emblem i wanted - the all red star - and i've had many more enjoyable games than i have in H3.

why do i like CoD4? i think i like being able to chose how i play the game i.e. the weapons i will be using and the associated perks.

according to my leaderboard, i've played CoD4 for 12 days and have accumulated 54,000 kills and a kill/death ratio of 2.17.

i think i also like this game because i normally get host when the previous host leaves, and so my silenced P90 lays waste to the opposition or i can no scope to my hearts content with the Barratt.

also, and this is the big thing, there seems to be more UK and European players around than there are in H3 and so latency is minimised. i also find that at the beginning you didn't get the griefers that you normally found in Halo, though unfortunately they seem to be emerging from the woodwork.

i will say though that a brilliant game of halo in my opinion is better than a brilliant game of CoD4 - but those games are like a unicorn, a mythical occurrence.

i do miss recorded stats, saved films and sticking people with grenades - so if CoD6 incorporated all that, then if i'm still an avid gamer i'd be in FPS heaven. oh, and CoD5 will be WW2 and done by Treyarch so that sequel can go feck itself!

Halo 3 Maps available for free

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Bungie has revealed that the ‘Heroic’ map pack for Halo 3, the first multiplayer DLC for the game that went on sale in December of last year will finally be free to download come next Tuesday (March 25th). If you decided to wait it out since the pack released you will now be able to get your hands it, and play the three maps within (Standoff, Rat’s Nest, and Foundry), without having to hand over any Microsoft Points.

Check it out.

I will download them cos its free now, but i cant see me playing it online for a while.... in fact at this rate, with COD4 DLC the week after i am more likely to get back on HALO3 when the Legendary pack goes free too!!!!

Obviously they want to rush this free pack out before COD4 do theres to try and get people playing and addicted to Halo 3 again...... hence why its only taken 4 months for it to free instead of the 6 months they originally said it would be.

(Video) Halo 3 2nd MLG Montage

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nice MDK make a 3rd. Actually, the best Halo 3 snipe i've ever done was on last resort and the flag carrier was in the passenger and i sniped the driver from across the whole beach ftw.

make a third definetly OK? say, no more energy sword clip's - and it would be pretty badass.

Handy guide to Halo 3 skull locations

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One of the replayability features in Halo 3 are "skulls", special
doodads hidden in obscure places in the various levels for you to find. Finding
them is fun in itself and once you've found them you can use them to unlock
modes that make the game harder.

I can't imagine finding these on my own, so I went online to Halo 3
, Team Xbox, and Hushed Casket to find them. Here's a list of their basic locations,
spoilers ahead.

Blind Skull*, Sierra 117 (L1)
Iron Skull, Sierra 117 (L1)
Grunt Birthday Party Skull*, Crow's Nest (L2)
Black Eye Skull, Crow's Nest (L2)
Tough Luck Skull, Tsavo Highway (L3)
Catch Skull, The Storm (L4)
Fog Skull, Floodgate (L5)
Famine Skull, The Ark (L6)
Cowbell Skull*, The Ark (L6)
Thunderstorm Skull, The Covenant (L7)
IWHBYD Skull*, The Convenant (L7)
Tilt Skull, Cortana (L8)
Mythic Skull, Halo (L9)

Halo 3: Worst Betrayal Ever

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Nothing sucks more than being betrayed by a teammate in any game, but sometimes betrayals are either by accident or of the mysterious kind. The above video is an interesting investigation into one such mysterious betrayals. This particular case looks like a glitch in the game caused the death.

Watch the video here.

Halo3: What’s different about Avalanche legendary map?

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Bungie own's designers Niles Sankey and Lars Bakken along with artists Mike Buelterman and Jason Sussman have answered a bunch of questions about Avalanche and hopefully between their answers and the accompanying pictures, what Avalanche is will begin to crystallize.

Lars Bakken explains: The basics are the same, but you’ll notice some new additions (man cannons), and some things missing (the interior tunnel between the bases). We also haven’t had any ladders in Halo multiplayer maps since Halo 1, so we had to re-design the interiors of the bases to accommodate that. There are a lot more quick ways to get around the level now, that’s probably the biggest change.

Final Legendary Map revealed - Blackout

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Last week Bungie guys revealed the second map from the Legendary Map pack (due April 15th), Avalanche. That map is a reimagination of Halo: Combat Evolved map Sidewinder. This week, they're showing the final map from the Legendary Map Pack, Blackout. As its name suggests, Blackout is a remake of the Halo 2 classic Lockout, a cold series of interconnected platforms and walkways. Where Avalanche was retuned, reworked and massaged into something both familiar and unfamiliar, Blackout is a remake in a pretty strict sense of the word.

Producer Allen Murray, Designer Dan Miller and artists Paul Russel and Blake Low answered a handful of questions about Blackout. But who are we kidding, you just want to see the screenshots anyway (keep checking the Gallery as the hi-res versions will be there shortly).

As they say, "The toughest part of making it was trying to be as faithful to the original as possible while also accommodating the inherent gameplay changes between Halo 2 and 3. The second toughest was getting Paul and the gang to fix their bugs on time and making sure lightmaps weren’t screwed all of the time."

More details here.