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Are they just putting up the videos of Red Vs Blue Episode 100 on random on their site? Cause i saw like 3 different versions of episode 100. i saw all the endings. my favorite was the RVB ending where they all kill each other and caboose is the last person. then caboose gets smashed by a ghost.
ya so anyways i no ill sound like a geek but what the hell i know the guys are making 6 season cause in episode 52 when church gos back in time and screws shit up and makes copies of himself their is a yellow copy of him standing there for some reason which has been un explained untill the 100th ep if you havent seen it yet.

I got interested in machinima, and here excerpt from Wikipedia article:

Halo machinima

The most popular and well known Halo machinima is Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, a comedic machinima series filmed within the Halo series of Xbox games. Created by Rooster Teeth Productions, and premiering online on April 1, 2003, the show has so far released four seasons on DVD. The series has also further inspired a fan tribute series called Sponsors vs Freeloaders, based in the forums of the Red vs. Blue website.

Another popular Halo machinima group are Fire Team Charlie, who started production in Mid-2003. Fire Team Charlie has made a name by delving into the code of Halo and modifying it to increase their movie making possibilities. Their most notable change is removing all on screen displays, making each video seem less "in-game" and more like a movie. This makes for more unique videos from a console game, though these types of modifications are extremely common in computer based machinima.

The Codex, Episode 1 debuted on 9 February 2005. Unlike any previous Halo machinima series, The Codex is a drama, and is set within the universe of the Halo games. While previous Halo machinima series focus almost exclusively on comedy, The Codex has a definite story, and has often been described as a movie divided into episodes, rather than a series proper. It is also one of the few series to be set within the confines of the Halo universe, dealing with situations described in the games and happening concurrently with other well-known events.

This Spartan Life also differs from other Halo machinima in that it is a talk show, similar in concept to The Late Show with David Letterman. Every episode of the show is divided into parts that are uploaded on the show's site in a sequential fashion. Every episode features an opening monologue, interviews with guests as well as two fixed features, the Solid Gold Elite Dancers, a group of Covenant Elite dancers, and Body Count, a debate segment featuring players killing each other as they debate their points. Some of the comedy in the show itself is derived from the fact that often, players not involved in the show's making are unaware that the show is being filmed at all, and thus fire upon show contestants as they try to act out their parts.