Five Cool Halo 3 Things You Can Get For Free

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I compiled this Five Cool Halo 3 Things You Can Get For Free list after spendign quite a few hours on the Net trying to understand how can I get a free copy of Halo 3. Hope it'd be of help to somebody else. I'd be much obliged if you can add more resources to my list - please send a comment.

Quick note - these are available to US residents over the age of 18 exclusively.

1. Free copy of Halo 3

Yep, free Halo 3. You’ll have to enter ZIP code and participate in Platinum Prizes survey, but free Halo 3 is still a great offer.

2. Claim your free Halo 3 Game AND Xbox 360

The good folks from BRA want to give you a free ultimate Gaming Package - yep, Xbox 360 and Halo 3 Game bundle. They hope that you’ll get hooked and buy more stuff from them.

In fact, I spotted at least three offers of the kind - you can also try here and here. BTW, the latter one is kinda funny - if you happen to know what Princess Name in the Mario game is - Guava, Peach or Orange - you can answer the quiz and get your free Xbox 360 Elite and Halo 3.
Simple eh?  What, not that simple cause you dont know her name? wtf - go past the quiz directly ;) to the page - here's a walk around link (hope I wont be nuked ;)

So, know your ZIP code? Go ahead.

3. That Platinum Prizes survey did appeal to you? Come on - I digged out couple more similar free Halo 3 offers - one comes from Megapromotions (it takes only entering your ZIP code) and another one is here (you’ll have to enter email addy)

While hunting down these Halo 3 freebies, I stumbled upon two more cool promos - couldnt resist to add it to my list.

4. a) OK, this one is pretty cool - Receive $5 just for joining InboxDollars - they pay members to play games, read emails, take surveys online, and go shopping. Membership is free. It was mentioned on Good Morning America - have you heard that ad?
b) Nike vs Adidas - which is better? Answer the poll and receive a free gift. What's the catch? Didn't get - see for yourself.

Like I said, these offers are all exclusive to US residents, non-US traffic is redirected.