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New Weapons in Halo 3: Halo’s been home to some interesting weapons, they’ve become a big part of what’s separated it from other shooters. Where other FPS games tend to include the typical mix of pistols, machineguns, and rifles, Halo (Halo 3 included) has had a pretty bizarre mix of firearms. One that’s made a pretty big splash is the Spartan Laser, which could best be described as a laser-firing weapon that has the power of a Rocket Launcher and the precision of a Battle Rifle. These crazy armaments combined with the two weapon restriction have made strategy with weapons an essential part of survival in Halo 3.

Halo 3 Weapons

Halo 3 Human Weapons:
MA5C Assault Rifle
While similar in appearance to the MA5B Assault Rifle from Halo 1, the new MA5C Assault Rifle has better damage, range, and accuracy than its Halo 1 counterpart. But the improvements come at a cost; the clip size has been reduced from 60 to 32 for this fully automatic mid-ranged Rifle.

M7 Caseless Sub Machine Gun (Dual Wield)
Like its Halo 2 counterpart, the SMG in Halo 3 is once again useless. The fully automatic SMG holds 60 5MM bullets in a clip, but its damage, range, accuracy are very poor.

BR 55 Battle Rifle
The Battle Rifle holds 36 9.5MM rounds per clip, fires in 3-round bursts, and has a 2x scope mounted on top of it. With good accuracy, damage, and range, the Battle Rifle is a well-rounded mid to long range weapon that is suitable for most of the scenarios you may encounter throughout the game.

Magnum (Dual Wield)
The new magnum has a slow rate of fire, no scope, and holds just 8 rounds per clip. But with pretty good damage and accuracy, this UNSC sidearm isn't totally useless, especially when dual-wielded.

S2 AM Sniper Rifle
The Sniper Rifle has 5x and 10x zooms and fires a 14.5 MM armor piercing, fin-stabilized round. The Sniper Rifle’s magazine holds 4 rounds. One headshot or two body shots should be enough to bring down most foes from almost any distance.

M90 Shotgun
This powerful pump-action shotgun can only hold six shells at once this time around. Although it is as deadly as ever at closer ranges, the Shotgun is still ineffective in longer range battles.

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M6 GGNR Spartan Laser
The Spartan Laser is a shoulder mounted directed energy weapon. When firing the weapon, there is a two-second delay while the laser charges up. After the charge is complete, a burst of energy will fire from the gun and obliterate anything in its path. The Spartan Laser is very effective against both vehicles and infantry.

M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
The Rocket Launcher has a 2x scope and fires a 102mm shaped-charge, high explosive rocket. Although it has no vehicle-lock feature this time around, the rocket is still very useful against infantry as well as vehicles.

Missile Pod (Third-Person Heavy Weapon)
Designed for vehicle or stationary use, but can easily be torn off its mounts and be carried by a Spartan. The bulky Missile Pod is capable of quickly firing homing missiles at a target. To acquire a lock on a target (usually a vehicle), aim the Missile Pod at the target until the reticule turns red and then fire.

AIE-486H Heavy Machinegun (Third-Person Heavy Weapon)

Also known as the Minigun, this weapon is commonly seen mounted on turrets or on the back of warthogs, but now it can be torn off its mounts and carried around.. Although very powerful, the size and weight of the Machinegun will slow even a Spartan down. The ammo becomes limited once you tear this weapon off of its mount.

M7057 Defoliant Projector
Also lovingly known as the Flamethrower, this weapon discharges and then ignites a stream of volatile fuel that will easily burn through a Spartan’s armor. While effective in closer range gunfights, it’s not a good idea to rely on this cumbersome weapon in most other scenarios.

Type-3 Antimateriel Incendiary Grenade
The type-3 Incendiary Grenade is a nasty weapon capable of melting flesh and damaging, immobilizing, or destroying vehicles. Once it goes off, the filler inside the grenade will burn for 4.5 seconds, temporarily blocking enemy movement through smaller areas.

M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade
This is a typical fragmentation grenade. Shortly after striking a surface or object, the grenade explodes killing or severely damaging anybody nearby. Combatants can also bounce this grenade into difficult to reach areas to clear out enemies.

Halo 3 Covenant/Covenant Separatist Weapons:
Covenant Carbine
The Covenant Carbine is a semi-automatic weapon with a 2x scope. It can hold 18 high-powered projectiles per clip and is similar to the Human Battle Rifle in terms of accuracy, damage, and range.

Brute Spiker (Dual Wield)
The fully automatic Spiker shoots razor-sharp shards of metal at a high rates of fire out of its double barrels. Holding 48 spikes per clip, this crude weapon seems to be the close-range weapon of choice for Brutes. Underneath the gun barrel is a blade for increased melee damage.

Mauler (Dual Wield)
The Brute shotgun. A single Mauler isn't as powerful as the human shotgun, but when dual-wielded, this weapon can be absolutely devastating. Like all other Brute weapons, the Mauler has a massive blade attached to it for increased melee damage.

Particle Beam Rifle
One headshot or two body shots should be enough to bring down most foes using this Covenant sniper rifle. Although you don’t have reload this weapon, two quick shots from the Beam Rifle will cause it to overheat and become disabled. There is no way to reload this weapon, so once the battery charge reaches 0, the weapon becomes useless and should be discarded.

The Needler is a fully automatic magazine-fed weapon that fires sharp crystalline projectiles that home in on soft organic enemies and explode upon impact. Though it may look like its Halo 1 and Halo 2 counterparts, this isn’t your grandfather’s Needler, the new version of this weapon is actually useful on the battlefield.

Plasma Pistol (Dual Wield)
The Plasma Pistol is a semi-automatic, directed energy weapon. Holding down the trigger will build up an overcharged plasma bolt that can take down energy shields and temporarily disable vehicles. The overcharged plasma bolt has a limited homing ability, but it is not recommended that one runs around with an overcharged shot built up, because the battery charge will slowly deplete even if no shot is fired. After too many regular shots are taken or after an overcharged bolt is fired, the weapon will overheat and become temporarily disabled as it cools down. The Plasma Pistol cannot be reloaded and once the charge is at 0, the weapon becomes useless and should be discarded.

Plasma Rifle (Dual Wield)
The Plasma Rifle is directed energy weapon capable of automatic or semi-automatic fire. Extended automatic fire from this weapon will cause it to overheat and become temporarily disabled. The Plasma Rifle cannot be reloaded and once the charge is at 0, the weapon becomes useless and should be discarded.

Energy Sword
The Energy Sword is capable of slicing through even the most heavily armed foes with ease. When not locked on, press B for a regular melee attack or pull the Right trigger for a basic undercut attack. When the reticule turns red it means that the sword has locked on to an enemy and the player only needs to pull the R-trigger in order to magically lunge forward several feet for an effortless kill. When the battery charge reaches zero, the Sword's melee attack is no longer effective and the weapon should be discarded.

Brute Gravity Hammer

The weapon of choice for Brute Chieftains. While performing melee attacks, this weapon will allow you to do a lunge towards your opponent, much like the Energy Sword does. The Gravity Hammer is useful against more than infantry; it's also devastating against vehicles. One hit from this weapon will send a vehicle flying through the air.

Brute Shot
Grenade launcher used by the Brutes that fires grenades from a 6-round belt. The grenades fired from this weapon will explode on contact with vehicles or infantry, but will bounce before exploding when they hit inanimate objects. The Brute Shot has a very large blade on the end of its barrel for increased melee damage.

Fuel Rod Cannon
Shooting explosive projectiles in an arc-like trajectory, the fuel rod cannon is effective against both vehicles and infantry. This cumbersome weapon can carry 5 fuel rods per clip.

Brute Spike Grenade
Grenade of choice for the Brutes. The Spike Grenade will stick to infantry, vehicles, walls, and any other surface. When this crude grenade explodes, it discharges spikes in a conical-like shape in a single direction.

Plasma Grenade
This grenade has an internal mechanism that allows it to distinguish between vehicles or infantry and non-threatening surfaces. If thrown precisely, the grenade will stick to an infantryman or vehicle and explode 3 seconds later.

Halo 3 Forerunner/Sentinel Weapons:

Sentinel Beam
Used by the Sentinels to combat the flood and any other threatening life form they encounter. Short bursts from this weapon do very little damage, but sustained fire will quickly strip an enemy of its shields. Once the charge of the Sentinel Beam reaches 0, it becomes useless and should be discarded.

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