Halo 3 master chief costume - Halloween anybody?!

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Halo 3 halloween costumes? Yeah baby!

As excited as I am for the game, I can't wait to incorporate Halo 3 into the my Halloween plans - can you?

How about that Real Life Master Chief for Halloween huh?
This costume deserves a post of its own. I cant recall where did my pal got it from - it's either from here ($5.00 off should be in effect already - hey, they got costumes even for pets...omg) or here (thumbs up for real fast shipping, and stuff looked, you know, real, if you know what I mean).

OK, so - photos of what is possibly the best Master Chief costume ever. I've seen some great Halo costumes before, but this one takes the energy sword and slices up all the others. Imagine how sober the room got when they saw this Master Chief walk in with a nearly real needler gun that glows in the dark -- I can see it now. The room grows silent and all that can be heard is his chrome testicles of perfection clinking together as he walks up to the bar. He turns and yells "Who wants free shots?!" as he blows away everyone with his glowing covenant ammo, it would be the best drunken death one could endure.

Clubs are offering competitions for best Halloween costumes - you gotta snap like $1,000 in prizes, no?

The best part about these awesome costumes is that the women automatically flocked to him without even knowing what he looks like he he. I'm pretending there's two 12 year old geek geniuses inside the one suit operating the limbs in hopes of getting drunk without being ID'd. Actually no, it'd be even better if the Master Chief pulled a Metroid surprise and took off the helmet to reveal it's really a gorgeous girl -- I'd be forced to battle her Spartan suit with a Trojan or two.