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Today I read at AMN forums about an interesting idea.

Bungie, with Halo 3 release, is introducing the "Saved Films" feature.
That's what the community has been asking for countless times, and now Bungie's gotten that wish granted.

But the catch is, you can only view said films through Halo 3, and they can't be transferred to your PC.

Unless, that is, you have a video capture card.

This is where my idea comes in. I will gladly partake this endeavor because, well because I can. Anyways, here's the idea:

If you would like to have a Halo 3 saved film of yours up on the web, for the purposes of sharing to the world, showing off your Halo 3 skills, etc, to those people who don't have Halo 3 or want to view the Halo 3 saved film on PC/Mac, I'll gladly capture some of your Halo 3 films onto my computer on upload them onto the web, on a special website I can create.

Well, that's kind of an elaborate idea anyways. For now I'll do my own. I've got a few that I'm setting up right now for all to see, because some of them are just so funny.