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List of confirmed elements in Halo 3

This section briefly lists elements of Halo 3 that have been confirmed, specifically those returning from the other titles in the Halo series. (Not all elements may end up being used by the player, and all are subject to change.) This list does not include anything seen only in leaked footage, content found in code, or anything that isn't officially stated or endorsed by Bungie or Microsoft.


* Master Chief[30][31]
* Cortana[30][31]
* Gravemind[30]
* Commander Miranda Keyes[5]
* Sergeant Major A.J. Johnson[30]
* Arbiter[30]
* Prophet of Truth[30]



* Jackals (Kig-Yar)[30]
* Brutes (Jiralhanae)[18]
* Grunts (Unggoy)[18]
* Drones (Yanme'e)[30]
* Prophets[30]

The Flood[30]

* Infection Form[30]
* Combat Form[30]
* Carrier Form[30]


UNSC Marine Corps

* UNSC Marine Infantryman[18]


* Elites (Sangheili)[32]
* Hunters (Lekgolo)[30]
* Grunts (Unggoy)[18]

Human Vehicles

* M274 ULATV Mongoose[33]
* M12 LRV Warthog[34]
* M12G1 LAAV "Gauss" Warthog[34]
* M808B Scorpion tank[30]
* D77H-TCI Pelican Dropship[30]

Covenant Vehicles

* Ghost[30]
* Wraith[30][35]
* Banshee[30]
* Phantom[30]
* Capital ship[31]


* Earth, Sol System
o Kenya, East African Protectorate
+ New Mombasa and Old Mombasa
+ The Forerunner structure
+ Mt. Kilimanjaro

Human Weapons

* MA5C Assault Rifle[36]
* M6G Pistol (dual-wieldable)[30][37]
* M7 SMG (dual-wieldable)[30]
* BR55HB SR Battle Rifle[30]
* M90 Shotgun (six shells)[18]
* SRS99D Sniper Rifle (redesigned)[30]
* M41 Rocket Launcher (lock-on removed)[38]
* Spartan Laser (W/AV M6 Grindell/Galileian Nonlinear Rifle)[39]
* UNSC Missile Pod[7] (3rd person)[13]
* AIE-486H Heavy Machinegun[7] (stationary and portable, 3rd person)[13]
* M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade[20]

Covenant Weapons

* Plasma Pistol (dual-wieldable)[30]
* Plasma Rifle (dual-wieldable)[20]
* Needler (more powerful but not dual-wieldable)[40]
* Covenant Carbine[41]
* Particle Beam Rifle[20]
* Energy Sword (limited battery)[30][42]
* Brute Spiker (Type-25 Carbine, dual-wieldable)[43]
* Brute Shot[30] (six shots)
* Brute Hammer (resembling Fist of Rukt gravity hammer used by Tartarus)[35]
* Brute Spike Grenade (Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation Grenade)[44]
* Plasma Grenade[45]


* Bubble Shield (ONI-designed)[17][20]
* Tripmine[20]
* Portable Reverse-Gravitational Lift (Grav Lift)[22]
* Power Drainer[46]

Multiplayer Maps

* Snowbound[44]
* Valhalla[44]
* High Ground[44]
* Jub Jub (unofficial name)[27]
* A new map with many similarities to Gephyrophobia in Halo 1 PC[20]
* Last Resort (remake of the Halo 2 map Zanzibar)[citation needed]

Multiplayer Game Types[47]

* VIP[22]
* Slayer
* Capture the Flag[20]
o One Flag
o Multiflag[48]
* Territories[20]
o Land Grab
* King of the Hill[22]
* Oddball


* Fusion cores[49]
* Multiplayer emblems[50]
* Multiplayer call signs[8]
* Direction of fire/damage arrows[22]
* Man Cannon (gravity lifts)[22]

This list retrieved from wikipedia page on Halo 3 on May 23, 2007